About Tank Stands

Tankworks have a range of made-to-measure stands to suit tanks up to 5000L capacity.  Tankworks stands are made from heavy gauge steel tube and are engineered to support the large mass of a full water tank.

Tankworks tank stands are galvanised and built to last. Stands are supplied with a treated timber decking which provides strong even support for the tank as well as looking good.

Tankworks tank stands are made-to-measure, so that they fit your tank perfectly. You can select the length of each leg of the stand to accommodate uneven and sloping ground, and provide a level platform for your tank.


  • Heavy gauge steel frame engineered to hold the weight of a full tank.
  • Galvanised and build to last
  • Traditional look to compliment heritage design
  • Made-to-measure, you can select the size of the stand exactly, as well as the length of each leg of the stand.

Selecting the Right Stand


Check the size.

Your tank stand should be 50mm wider and 100mm longer than your tank.


Legs as an option.

Legs can be fitted with steel plate feet (50x100x3mm) to allow the stand to be bolted to concrete.


Leg mounting options.

Legs can be set in concrete piers or mounted on top of existing concrete foundations.


Weight a leg can with hold.

Bear in mind that each leg may hold up to a ton of weight, and so the foundation must be firm and solid.


The decking material and top frame of the stand total 90mm of height.

Keep this in mind when specifying the length of each.

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